Radon Testing Of Rentals


A new law (LD 943) signed by Governor Baldacci and went into effect in September of 2009 requires that, no later than December 31, 2011, al rented or leased residential structures be tested for radon in the air. The test must be done by a State of Maine registered radon testing provider. Test results of 4 pCi/L or higher must be mitigated by a State of Maine registered mitigation contractor with six months. For further details on the law please go to www.maine.gov/dhhs and enter “Maine Radon Homepage” in the DHHS Search window.

There is currently a proposal approved by committe in front of the Legislature to remove all buildings that are rented 100 days or less within a year. It should be approved shortly. I have also posed the question to DHHS of whether this law is necessary for short term rentals that are available for rent more than 100 days per year (those with tenants occupying a building for one month or less). This was a new question for DHHS and they are looking into this for us. I hope to have a response within the next month or so.

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